Commerical Property Inspections

We provide commercial property inspections to assist in the decision making process when purchasing, leasing, selling, investing, rehabbing, lending and managing commercial buildings. 

Property condition inspections follow the process as outlined in the ASTM E-2018 standards as a starting point. The scope of the standard is expanded to include dismantling and operation of readily accessible key systems, maintenance suggestions, long term replacement schedules and cost to remedy defects with no minimum cost threshold. The end result provides you with detailed picture of the age and condition of the major building components and how maintenance (good or bad) has effected its life span. Reports follow ASTM E-2018 Guidelines which provides for a comprehensive report presented in a way that is easy to interpret. The final report will list deficiencies, budget figures to remedy them and a detailed report with representative photos if appropriate. Reports are computer generated and available 1-2 days after the inspection. Request a Quote We find that most of our clients find that a property condition inspection is appropriate for apartment buildings up to 12 units, industrial buildings up to 10,000 square feet, strip malls, storefronts, offices and lofts under 5,000 sq feet. If your short term budget does not allow for any surprises during first year or two of ownership, you might want to consider an inspection which is more invasive and inclusive than an assessment. For larger projects, you might want to consider a ASTM E-2018 baseline due diligence guidelines PCA Commercial Property Condition Assessments

Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities
Storefronts, Malls, Hotels-Motels and other Lodging
Apartment Buildings & Office Buildings
Commercial & Industrial Property Inspection Services Include:

  • Investor's Due Diligence Property
  • Condition Assessment Acquisition
  • Inspections/Due Diligence Assessments
  • Net Lease Inspections Loan Origination Inspections Capital Improvement
  • Confirmation Annual Servicing
  • Inspections Portfolio Reviews
  • Customized Services per Clients Specification

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