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Appraisers and Home Inspectors often make notes about the condition of a roof when they are filling out their reports that may cause concern. Lenders, Municipalities and Home Buyers often request roofing certifications due to these conditions. We provide inspection certifications for soundness and life expectancy of 2 years or more. All inspection reports that we are unable to certify include photos and sketches to better document our findings and what needs to be completed prior to certification.

We are usually able to include a budget figure for repairs and replacement cost. All Roofing Inspections by Certified Property Inspections, Inc are performed using FHA Guidelines and ASHI Standards.

What is an Roofing Certification for lending purposes? We need to be able to mark the box on the form that states; "I certify the entire roof surface, including all roofing and flashing has been closely visually examined and find that the roof is in good condition for it's age, does not leak and has an estimated remaining useful life of over 2 years."

What should be done before the inspector goes to the property?
The inspector will need access to the attic area of the building and the garage, as well as access to the roof area itself. You should make sure there are no missing, loose or broken shingles, temporary patches or anything covering the roofing surface. The vents needs to be clear and all flashing should be in place and properly secured and/or sealed. If there was an active leak(s) that has been repaired, it would help to provide some form of proof that the repair was done. Minor maintenance and/or repair recommendations are usually made verbally.

What should I do if the roof is covered with snow? The roof covering must be visible for a proper inspection. The inspector will inspect all items except the roof covering and wait for a call stating that the snow has melted and the roof covering is visible. This process can sometimes be helped along by keeping the inside hatch to the attic open allowing heat from the house to enter the attic or shoveling the snow off the roof. HUD will also allow an escrow of 1.5% of the property value.

What are the most common problems found during an Roofing Certification Inspection? The number one problem is loose, missing and broken shingles. Loose or missing flashing is the next most common problem. Temporary patches and repairs are also common. When shingles are worn they show excessive signs of cracking, mineral shedding and blistering and need to be replaced to be certified for more than two years.

Will I be able to have a new roof covering put on top of the old one? The answer is yes and no. You can generally put a new roof covering on top of a roofing system that has one or two previous layers. This depends on the condition of the existing shingles and roofing structure, the weight of the shingles and local codes. A roof that has three covers on it will need to be stripped down to the roofing boards prior to installing a new covering.

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