Plumbing Certifications - 1-4 Unit Buildings
Chicago and Suburbs in Cook, DuPage, Will and Kane Counties

Appraisers call for Plumbing Certifications when they notice unusual aspects of the plumbing system of the property they are appraising or the utilities are off, preventing a sampling of parts of the system.There are also times when a home inspector or seller makes a comment about the plumbing service that prompt the need for more information.

What is an Plumbing Certification? We need to be able to mark the box on the form that states; "The plumbing system fixtures appear to be operating properly. The visible piping appears to be in sound condition. The water heater appears to be functioning satisfactorily, and is equipped with a properly installed temperature and pressure relief valve."

What should be done before the inspector goes to the property? The water, gas and electric service will need to be on. All areas of the building(s) need to be accessible and the water heater should not have any obstructions blocking access to it. All leaking faucets, leaking drains, loose tile and caulking around bathtub shower area, slow drains and inadequate water flow should be repaired prior to the inspection. If you have recently had any water leak(s) repaired or plumbing work done, it would help to provide some form of proof that the work was done. Minor maintenance and/or repair recommendations are usually made verbally.

What equipment will be inspected? The inspector will check for the proper operation of the main water shut off valve and adequate water flow. The hot water heater will be checked for proper operation, a proper temperature and pressure relief valve and leaks. Every faucet and fixture will need to be checked for leaks, flow, drainage and proper operation. The bathroom shower stalls and tub areas will be inspected to verify they are watertight. The general condition, pitch and venting of any observable piping will also be noted.

What are the most common problems found during a Plumbing Certification Inspection? The number one problem is that the utilities are not on. Leaking faucets, low water pressure, loose bathroom tiles and/or caulking are also common problems we encounter. Less common are amateur repairs and installations.

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