Electrical Certifications - 1-4 Unit Buildings
Chicago and All Suburbs in Cook, DuPage, Will and Kane Counties

Appraisers generally call for Electrical Certifications when they notice unusual aspects of the electrical system of the property they are appraising or the utilities are off, preventing a sampling of parts of the system. He/She made also question whether the system meets FHA/HUD Standards. There are also times when a home inspector or seller makes a comment about the heating service that prompt the need for more information.

What is an Electrical Certification? We need to be able to mark the box on the form that states; "This inspection reveals that all visible wiring is properly installed and appears to be in good condition and that the main service is adequate for the connected load."

What should be done before the inspector goes to the property?
The electric service will need to be on. All areas of the building(s) need to be accessible and the main panel should not have any obstructions blocking access to it. All exposed wiring and extension cords should be removed. Missing outlet covers, missing switch plate covers and missing junction box covers should be replaced. All burnt out light bulbs should be replaced. Each room is required to have a wall switch (by the entrance) operated light source and an outlet.

What equipment will be inspected? The inspector will check the main drop or feed to the building, the main disconnect, the main panel and sub panels as well as all accessible outlets, switches and fixtures. The main panel and sub panels will be checked for improper wiring and fuses or breakers, The outlets will be checked for operation, proper polarity and proper grounding. Minor maintenance and/or repair recommendations are usually made verbally.

What are the most common problems found during an Electrical Inspection? Exposed wiring, excessive use of extension cords, missing switch and outlet covers, missing junction box covers, and non functioning fixtures are the items that generally draw the appraiser's attention. We also sometimes run into amateur work that can be hazardous such as improper wire splicing, oversized fuses and undersized wires at the main panel and/or sub panels.

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